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AAA travel adds safety and convenience to your trip. The American Automobile Association rides to the rescue of its members day and night. Speaking from personal experience, our membership has paid off well.

AAA travel works. I've called on them for help on two occasions. A single phone call was all that was required to produce help in each case.

The first occasion was in a crowded parking garage in Phoenix. A tow truck specifically designed to operate in a parking garage responded. I wasn't even aware that such specialty tow trucks existed!

Their tow truck delivered my truck to a local garage, and I was back on the road with a new computer module installed.

The second occasion was several miles north of Kayenta, on the Navajo Nation. Kayenta is just west of noplace, about halfway between Tuba City, Arizona, and Cortez, Colorado... on the fringe of Monument Valley.

There are few services available in the area... but there is an AAA tow truck!

Again, their tow truck delivered my truck to the nearest garage, and two hours later (after the garage identified and repaired a broken ground wire) we were back on the road.

AAA travel has assisted my wife several times... with a dead battery and a couple of flat tires. We've also used the AAA travel publications. There's lots of useful information in these publications.

Like the tow trucks and road service, the AAA travel publications are provided to members at no charge.

It's not really a single organization. It's actually a federation of affiliated independent organizations that they term "clubs."

Each club is a not-for-profit organization, incorporated in its own state and governed by its own board of directors. To be affiliated, each club must provide certain standard services to its own members, as well as to members of other AAA clubs.

Each club owns the territory in which it operates, and membership is based on residence. Exact dues and services vary slightly between clubs.

We find AAA travel membership to be a good deal.

Search Google using the keyword phrase AAA + Flagstaff (or another city name) to find AAA rated services.  



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AAA Travel

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