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Arizona map, so many versions, so little space. Shown below are several versions of the basic Arizona map for your information and reference.

For those not familiar with Arizona, I'll point out a few features...

Less than 10% of Arizona's land is privately owned. Yes, various government agencies and Indian tribes own almost all the land. National Forests, the several National Parks and Monuments are a major piece, as are the BLM-managed lands.

This Arizona map with county outlinesarizona map illustrates that we have a relatively small number of large counties. A couple of our counties are larger than some states. 

The northwestern part of the state is somewhat isolated by geographic features, primarily by the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River on the east and south, and by Lake Mead to the west.

arizona tribal lands mapThis Arizona map shows that the northeastern portion of the state is devoted to the Hopi and Navajo reservations.

Other tribal lands are scattered across Arizona. Several Apache reservations are located in central Arizona.

The Grand Canyon is home to the Havasupai and Hualapai peoples.


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Our northwestern neighbor is the state of Nevada. Lake Mead and nearby Las Vegas are popular recreation sites. It's safe to say that each has it's own attraction.

The Arizona map below shows a ragged western border defined by the Colorado River. Our western neighbor is the state of California. I'm sure you've heard of California.

Our southern neighbor is the Republic of Mexico. Mexico's culture heavily flavors Arizona's culture.arizona's four corners map

Our eastern neighbor is the State of New Mexico. The Ponderosa Pine forest that gives our South of Flagstaff country it's appeal, extends all the way into western New Mexico.

Our northern neighbor is the state of Utah. We share Lake Powell with Utah. Lake Powell was formed by constructing a dam in Glen Canyon, impounding lake water in a series of sandstone canyons. It's beautiful scenery, and valuable water in our arid Southwest.

The basic Arizona map doesn't indicate that we have a northeastern neighbor, but we do. Colorado meets Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico, as shown on this Four Corners regional map. This location is known as Four Corners, and it's the only place in the US where four states meet.

Here's a "fast loading" Arizona map.

arizona roads map

And here's a "slower loading but more details" Arizona map.

arizona highway map

Use this link for an even more detailed Arizona map.

You can find other interesting maps by searching keywords such as arizona map+historic... and don't ignore the ads down the right side of the page. Those are resources too.




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