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arizona real estate


This Arizona real estate resources page offers links to state and county real estate related sites of interest to agents, investors, potential new residents and homeowners.

The Arizona Real Estate Deoartment regulates Arizona real estate, cemetery and membership-camping salespersons and brokers, and real estate schools and instructors.

A variety of Coconino County departments offer real estate related services and information:

The Community Development Department carries out four separate functions: planning and zoning; building; floodplain management; and special districts planning.

The Assessor's Office is responsible for property valuations and tax assessments.

The Recorder's Office offers property ownership information as well as deed, lien and other public records recording services.

The Treasurer's Office collects property taxes and sells tax liens to investors.

To evict a tenant, you may need to use the Justice Court and possibly even  the Constable.

Arizona real estate is in demand. Many people have moved here or are interested in relocating to Arizona.

So many people have moved to Phoenix and surrounding cities that they have become one huge urban area. Now a lot of those folks are looking for less congested areas... like Flagstaff.

Arizona real estate with pine trees and a cool climate will always be in demand. 


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arizona real estate

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