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Auctions are fun places to shop for... almost anything. New or used, rare or not, you can buy it through an auction.

This page mentions several of the more popular on-line auctions. Hopefully some of them will advertise on this page, providing you with a link to their site. Otherwise, use the search box near the bottom of the page to find the link. 


Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

The on-line auction giant eBay has an amazing variety of products being sold by individuals and companies. 

By far the largest and best known of the on-line auctions, t his remarkable auction site seemingly has it all. From stainless steel kitchen sinks to collectable fishing lures.

Try it yourself. Go to the eBay site and search for any item that you can think of. Chances are good that you'll find more than one of them listed for sale.

Another site I've used to buy computer gear is called uBid. While the site offers a number of categories of products for sale, computers and electronics seems to be their orientation.

Auctions specializing in jewelry and gemstones are popular sales sites. Bidz may be the largest of these auctions, but I tend to recommend Jewelry Television... because I've known their chief gemstone buyer for many years, and he's an honest person.

On-lineuctions with an Arizona connection are in short supply. About the only auction that fits this criteria is the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation On-line Auction.  This is a year-round auction on the D'Backs website. Items include autographed merchandise and items used or worn during games.

The Barrett-Jackson's Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale isn't an on-line auction... but it's worth experiencing.

Auctions are also featured at another on-line giant. Amazon auctions many products including movies and videos, music, and of course, books.auctions

Auctions are also a part of the Yahoo site. They offer a variety of merchandise, and seemingly do not specialize.

Auctions inspired by eBay are abundant on the internet. Angelfire promotes itself as the alternative to eBay. They offer a wide variety of merchandise, and tout features such as no listing fees, and free image hosting.

There are too many auction sites to cover here, but you can refer to this directory of on-line auctions to find more.

Auctions provide another viable source for South of Flagstaff shoppers. Visit a couple of the on-line auctions... you can buy almost anything there.



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