Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction


barrett-jackson collector car auction


The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction is worth seeing.

So we did! My wife and I made the trip to Scottsdale, and the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, for the first time in several years. My, how things have changed!

The last time I went to see all those beautiful cars, things were much smaller. That includes Scottsdale, the freeways, the number of cars, and the prices.


This year's auction was huge, entertaining, educational... and fun. Barrett-Jackson bills this as the "World's Greatest Collector Car Event." It truly is an event... much more than an auction.



Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!


The main tent houses several hundred vendors, selling all manner of things automotive. There's paintings, prints, and sculpture... and collector pieces ranging from scale miniatures, to kid's old pedal cars, to old gas pumps and signs, to clothing and jewelry. And outside the main tent there are many other vendors selling auto-related goods and services.

At the other end of the main tent resides some of the fine collector carscollector car auction to be sold at this event. There are a number of real beauties here.

In the middle of the huge main tent is the auction stage, and seating for a few thousand bidders and observers. This is where the intense, high-dollar action takes place... but you can wander the many, many rows of cars outside the big tent, and still listen to the sales action on the speakers placed throughout the grounds.

You'll need to wander the grounds to see most of the great cars to be sold. It's certainly worth the small effort required. You'll be able to see cars here that you've only heard, or read about. There is automotive history in each of the auxiliary tents, and in the rows of cars parked between all those tents.

Did I mention the food and beverage vendors. From simple sandwiches with lemonade - to fine dining and drinking. This is where you can find a party after the sun goes down. And after the sun goes down is when the largest number of attendees make their appearance.barrett-jackson

As I said earlier, the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event is worth going to see... and experience. Enjoy the fine cars, and the other fine people appreciating the cars. It truly is an event!

collector car auction

 barrett-jackson collector car auction

If you go... the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car auction is held at Westworld in Scottsdale. Westworld is located near the Loop 101 freeway and Pima Road. Use the link above to get ticket and parking information. If you're not able to make it down there this year... maybe next year.

A Google search using the keyword phrase collector car (or your favorite old car's name) will display a variety of resources. Be sure to notice the relevant ads down the right side... those are resources also.



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barrett-jackson collector car auction

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