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casino flagstaff arizona


Casino Flagstaff Arizona doesn't exist... yet.

Casino Flagstaff Arizona has long been anticipated, and could become a reality within just a couple of years. The site pictured above is on the Navajo Nation, just a few miles east of Flagstaff.

The Navajo Nation has approved construction and operation of casinos on reservation land. Now they are wrestling with decisions about how many to build and where to locate the first casinos..


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The Leupp Chapter is eager to build a casino in their corner of the reservation... along Interstate 40 near Flagstaff.

Casino Flagstaff Arizona could become a reality... even if they didn't call it by that name.  It would he the long-anticipated entertainment and gaming facility that many Flagstaff locals desire.

On-line gaming at even "reputable" sites is potentially risky and no longer legal in the USA. And, only a real "brick and mortar" facility capable of hosting events and entertainment would add to the community.

However, the Tribal Council reportedly wants to build the first casino near Sanders in far eastern Arizona, also along Interstate 40.

casino flagstaff arizona

I suppose the freeway traffic and Gallup, New Mexico population would make it profitable. But could the real reason for locating it there actually be because this site is the nearest I-40 location to the Navajo Nation capital at Window Rock, Arizona?

The Navajos resisted building casinos for many years for cultural reasons. The success demonstrated by other tribes has played a big part in the Navajo people recently approving gaming on the reservation.

George Hardeen, communications director in the Office of the President and Vice President, stated that Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. has said he "would expect to see about $100 million in tribal revenues annually.''

This sum is substantial, especially in light of the 2005, closure of the Mohave Generating Station and the tribe's loss of royalties earned from coal supplied to the power plant and water used to transport the coal via a slurry pipeline. The plant's majority owner, Southern California Edison, on June 19 announced that it was abandoning negotiations with the Navajo Nation and Hopi Tribe to resolve coal and water issues and that it would not try to reopen the power plant. Hardeen, however, pointed out, ''This decision [for Navajo gaming] long predates the closure of Mohave Generating Station.''

Hardeen said that the next step is to find a site and break ground on the first casino. He said that Nahata Dziil near Sanders was top on the list, but that there is a problem with mineral rights that are owned by the state of Arizona. Other sites currently under discussion are Iyanbito, Shiprock, Hogback, Cameron, Leupp (Twin Arrows), LeChee and Chinle.

A Casino Flagstaff Arizona may happen sooner if the President's Office hears from potential Flagstaff patrons.

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casino flagstaff arizona

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