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A cedar home is warm, beautiful, and inviting... and it's also a smart purchase.

Cedar homes are typically of higher quality than many "stick built" houses, in both material and craftsmanship. There could be a number of reasons for this. Maybe it's that dream home expectation. Maybe the warmth and elegance of a cedar home is a reflection of the owner's personality.

It probably also has to do with the quality built in to the kits onflagstaff cedar home today's market. Cedar home vendors offer a variety of floor plans, from cozy to soaring, but you see more of the upper scale models. I'm told all the kits have quality built in.

Please understand that "kit" doesn't mean "cookie cutter." In most instances the cedar home is a custom designed and built home. A specialized cedar home vendor normally provides design and materials.

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The construction materials are cut at the vendor's yard and trucked to your home site. A contractor in your area then builds your house.

In this class of homes, the building material - cedar, is a primary feature. The building style can be a log home, post and beam, timber frame, or conventional frame construction. And of course these high tech days, a combination of the above styles.

Cedar has a number of important advantages as a building material:

  • Natural beauty
  • Natural resistance to decay
  • Natural resistance to termites and insects
  • Exceptional durability
  • Excellent wood finishing characteristics
  • Nature-compatible coloring

A cedar home fits perfectly into natural surroundings. You can have natural beauty surrounding you inside and outside the home.

Try searching Google for the term cedar home to learn more.

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flagstaff cedar home

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