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Cheap vacations can be more memorable than an expensive stay at an exclusive resort... especially Northern Arizona vacations.

Cheap vacations can be great, if you do some planning.

You tend to remember vacations by what you saw and did. And if you're seeing the grand vistas and natural wonders of Arizona, it doesn't need to be expensive.

Our best cheap vacations were tent-trailer camping at Ashurst Lake near Flagstaff, Arizona. That was long before we bought a home in the area.

What were our worst cheap cheap vacations vacations you ask? It certainly wasn't our early spring trip to Oak Creek and Sedona, Arizona (shown at left).

(The link at the bottom of this page will lead you to a heartfelt description of our worst cheap vacation.)

The South of Flagstaff area is well located to serve as your base for day trips to several of the most famous places in the world. Some you will recognize by name, others by their unique landmarks.


Others you'll know when you see them because you've seen them in movies all your life.
  • Grand Canyon
  • Petrified Forest
  • Painted Desert
  • Navajo Nation
  • Monument Valley
  • Meteor Crater
  • Wupatiki National monument
  • Walnut Canyon National monument
  • Montezuma Castle National monument
  • Sunset Crater National monument
  • Jerome State Historic Park
  • Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and the Red Rocks

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      All are great places to experience, but staying overnight at most of them can be expensive.

    Trailer or Tent-trailer camping South of Flagstaff is very enjoyable and can be your base for day trips, fishing, or just relaxing.

    Cheap vacations camping in the Coconino National Forest campgrounds is readily available. If you don't have a tent or camping trailer, and aren't inclined to rent one, there is a good cheap vacation alternative that I've vacations

    Before I-40 came through town some years ago, Flagstaff had the most famous highway in the U.S. running right through town. That would be Route 66.

    As you would expect, Route 66 boasted a number of motels, both east and west of downtown.

    The heavy traffic is on I-40 now, but several of the motels are still doing well catering to cheap vacation visitors. We'll focus on those west of downtown... near the top-center of the map.

    A few of these motels are:
    AutoLodge - 928-774-6621
    Budget Inn - 928-779-3631
    Canyon Inn - 928-774-7301
    Econo Lodge
    Family Inn
    Highland Country Inn - 928-774-5041
    Super 8 Motel 

    Most of the motels listed above are on south Milton Road (the road into town from the south) between Interstate 17 and Route 66, or on Route 66 in nearby West Flagstaff. All are in town, but convenient to the South of Flagstaff area.

    If you want something better, try this almost cheap vacations motels link.

    I once stayed at the Highland Country Inn, and found it to be very adequate. I expect that the others are also.

    South of Flagstaff Arizona is a great place for your next cheap vacation.

    Wherever you go, a little caution is advised. Follow the link below to read about my Colorado misadventure.

    Cheap vacations warning! Be careful when making reservations. Ask lots of questions.

    Ask about trains, planes, automobiles, and any other kind of traffic you can imagine may be nearby... like taverns. Hearty party people can keep you awake as much as a locomotive.

    Ask about the beds if you need a long one. Find out how close or far the nearest restaurant and phone is located.

    Cheap vacations are great fun when you do your homework.

    Many resorts offer last minute deals  that are heavily discounted. Find a real deal at the Last Minute Vacation Guide.

    A Google search using the keyword phrase cheap vacation + singles or cheap vacation + family returns interesting listings and ads.



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