Electronics! We live with them, we use them, we love them, or at least what they can do for us.

Do you need a great deal on consumer electronics such as PDA's, digital cameras, video games, MP3's,  and computers, printers and scanners? The secret to selling the latest and greatest electronics products at great prices is... volume.

electronics The dealer's volume, that is! And for a traditional store that means being located in a large population center.

A big reason we live South of Flagstaff is the low population, and we sure wouldn't trade our lifestyle for a good deal on a DVD player.

Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

So, how do we share in the good deals? Shopping on-line, of course! Many high volume, low overhead electronics dealers are having great success selling on-line.

Hopefully some of them will decide to advertise on this page. That would be convenient for you to click on, and and I'd get a few cents in ad revenue..

There are a number of websites (such as NexTag) that exist to instantly compare prices for you, and tell you where to find the best deal on for the product you need today. They receive a small commission if you buy from a merchant they send you to.

Many products such as computers, printers, and digital cameras can be purchased refurbished for an even better deal.

Refurbished can mean "used and reconditioned"... or it can mean "new, but we manufactured more than we can sell to retailers."

I buy refurbished HP laser printers. I've purchased four of them in the last three years, and they're all still running fine. I gave three of them to my wife, daughter, and mother as Christmas gifts.

And now the big retailers such as Best Buy and Circuit City have websites where you can buy any of their products.

Thank goodness, you don't have to live in a crowded city to get low prices on your electronics.


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