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Fishing tackle and supplies are found in almost every store and service station you visit... or so it seems.

Slightly better selections of fishing tackle and supplies are stocked in local fishing specialty stores, but the prices will be higher and the service may be good or bad.

Discount department stores have lower prices and (sometimes) a decent selection. The Wal-Mart in Flagstaff has a good selection.

These stores are handy for picking up an item or two that I run out of, but none of them offer the complete selection that I'm looking for.


Each winter I start looking ahead to spring fishing. I look through my gear and supplies and do some cleaning up... and some cleaning tackle At that point I know what needs to be replaced.

Then the fun starts. I start thinking of what I may want to add. I get on the internet and visit fishing tackle sites.

Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

I've found on-line shopping to offer the best selection... by far. And they have all the new stuff! The service is also good. The things I order show up at my door within a couple of days.

I've ordered from a couple of different sites in the last few years. My favorite fishing tackle site is Bass Pro Shops. They're the best one out there for my money. They have a very good selection of trout fishing tackle, as well as what I need for the occasional bass and crappie trip.

Cabela's has opened their huge store in Glendale. It has an amazing selection of fishing tackle and other merchandise. If you haven't seen it, you should take the time... and have lunch while you're there.

Bass Pro Shops has announced plans to build a huge store in the Phoenix area within a couple of years. When that happens, I'll have to visit that store also.

Until then, to find that huge selection of all the new stuff plus the necessities, and get quick delivery to my door, buying fishing tackle fishing tackleon-line is the way to go.

While the local stores are putting their skiing gear on sale, the fishing tackle I order shows up at my door. It only takes a couple of days from order to delivery.


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fishing tackle

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