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South of Flagstaff weather is wonderful. Residents and visitors alike come to enjoy the seasons... and those things the seasons make possible.

South of Flagstaff weather comes in the four most popular flavors. That, of course, would be garden planting season, fishing and hiking season, hunting season, and play in the snow season. Arizona's desert cities really don't have winters, so our desert-dwelling neighbors must come "up the hill" to experience the four seasons..

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Local residents enjoy each season as it comes... and goes. By the time a season has run it's course, full-time residents are happy to see the next season arrive. 

Flagstaff weather is just part of the local entertainment.

Visitors come to enjoy each season and it's activities in varying numbers. Most visitors come in the summer to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, temperate days, and cool breezes.

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This is also the time that summer residents from Phoenix and surrounding areas come up the hill. They populate their cabins and homes, happy to escape the desert's summer temperatures.

Many come in the fall to hunt. South of Flagstaff boasts good hunting conditions and a sustainable population of elk, mule deer, and other game species.

Winter visitors are usually looking to let the kids play in the snow. Many desertflagstaff weather dwelling kids have never seen snow before.

Flagstaff weather is also a big part of the local economy.

Spring is a more quiet time in terms of visitors. Smaller numbers of hikers, hunters, and fisher-folks visit the area.

Lifestyle magazines such as Mountain Living and Natural Home seem to fit all our seasons.

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South of Flagstaff weather is highly enjoyable in all its flavors.


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