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A flower bulb garden really adds color and cheer to your place.

A flower bulb is an amazing little package, a real miracle of nature.

A bulb is a storehouse for next season's flower. It holds the leaf cells, flower cells, and food needed to produce that flower. To help the bulb do it's thing, you need to provide timely planting and some water.

When the plant pokes it's nose through the ground in the spring or summer it will grow leaves quickly and then produce a flower. The flower brightens your garden and pleases your eye

The leaves add greenery and texture, but are actually busy making food. The food goes back into the bulb... to help produce next year's flower.flowering bulb

Don't cut the leaves down until they've done their job and started to dry.

Hardy or tender? When do you plant the different bulbs? The most important fact I know about this is... bulbs magically appear in stores when it's time to plant them! Okay, maybe it's smart marketers rather than magic.


Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

Spring flowering bulbs are sold in the fall. The grower has already chilled the bulbs, so you can plant them immediately.

Summer blooming bulbs are sold in the spring. These bulbs don't survive freezing temperatures, so they must be dug up in the fall and stored indoors.

When you see bulbs in stores, you'll know it's time to get on-line and see what great deals are being offered by the large, direct marketing nurseries. Several of these large nurseries advertise on this page.

There are advantages to buying from these advertisers. The primary advantage is... choice. You can choose the colors, sizes, and varieties that you like. There is also an advantage to buying locally... convenience.

Buying a flower bulb isn't hard. Look for firm, mildew-free bulbs, if buying in stores. Many places have them, including Wal-Mart and Home Depot. If you have more room, Sam's Club and Costco have good deals on larger packages.

If you buy on-line, you'll get great selection and healthy bulbs. I've never received an unhealthy bulb through an on-line order.

Planting instructions come printed on the package. This information is your best guide. Keep the bulbs with their instructions until you set the bulbs in place.

Planting bulbs is very easy. Bulbs make successful gardeners of kids and other beginners.

General planting instructions include:

  • Plant flower bulbs within a couple of days after purchase
  • Plant in partial to full sun
  • Avoid low spots... bulbs don't like wet feet
  • Plant the pointy end up
  • Planting depth should be 5 to 8 inches... follow the package instructions
  • Plant in beds and clusters for visual effect... avoid single file lines

A spring flower bulb should be carefully dug up, divided, and replanted about every four years.

The flower bulb industry website has more information available on their site.

Amazon has several books on flowering bulbs, give them a quick look.

You can easily find additional resources by running a Google search. Try a search phrase such as...

  • spring bulbs
  • corms
  • roots
  • rhizomes
  • tubers




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