Forest Highlands Map


forest highlands map


This Forest Highlands map  below shows the location of the community in relation to highways and some other South of Flagstaff communities.

This upscale community is located about six miles South of Flagstaff, off highway 89A in the tall trees of the Coconino National Forest.

It's bordered by national forest lands to the south, State Highway 89A on the west and north, and Kachina Village on the east.

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The Forest Highlands map shows little in the way of streets bordering with nearby Kachina Village streets. 

That's because it's a secured, gated community with entrances on Highway 89A, Streets that do connect with Kachina Village streets are barred by locked gates.

The Highlands Fire Department serves both communities from a centrally located fire station.

The fire department does have keys to these gates, and quickly passes between the communities in the event of an emergency.

forest highlands map

Follow this Forest Highlands map link to Yahoo! Maps for a detailed view.

A Google search using the keyword phrase forest highlands az will display a variety of resources... including weather and golf club links.  



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forest highlands map

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