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Gardening books are "what-to-try manuals" to me, filled with good tips and other information that can be tested.

Gardening books and gardening magazines... and even gardening catalogs can provide answers to critical questions such as... when to plant what, where to plant it, how to prepare the planting area, and much more. Great information like that can be the difference between a happy, vigorous plant and a dead plant... or at least a sickly, unhappy plant, struggling to survive.

There are a number of gardening publications containing information that applies to our South of Flagstaff. These publications are available from local bookstores, on-line bookstores, and on-line nurseries.gardening books Some are available directly from the authors. One such gardening book is called Growing Food in the Southwest Mountains. I've not read the book, so I cannot reliably comment on it.

Some of the most helpful gardening books you will find focus on flowers and/or flowering bushes, and others on vegetables and herbs. Some talk about gardening niches and lifestyles. What they will have in common is they will address high-altitude gardening in Arizona, Colorado, and other mountain states.

Use the Google search box here, or the one near the end of this page to search for them. Copy any of the bolded text above and paste it into the search box.


The search term "gardening books" brings you a huge number of ads and listings. The last time I tried it, Google found 1.5 million listings for that keyword phrase.

You can find very informative ads and listings more specific to your interest by using more specific search terms.

If your interest includes native plants, there's a book available from on-line bookstores written by two Flagstaff ladies. The title of the book also describes it very well, Native Plants for High-Elevation Western Gardens

The advantages of landscaping with native plants include their acclimation to the soil, their ability to withstand the cold temperatures, the short growing season, and they generally require less watering.

Another resource along this same line of thought is a website that (I'm told) is now called seeds trust. I'm also informed that their operations base is now located near Sedona or Cornville.

And then there are the Sunset Books for all western gardeners. They seem to have a book for everyone, beginner to veteran. I enjoy their books.

Gardening books are also available at The Arboretum at Flagstaff. 

On line seed companies and nurseries offer gardening catalogs in addition to gardening books. These gardening catalogs offer beautiful pictures of many interesting plants. The photos are nice but the catalogs also offer a gold mine of information about the plants, plus a lot of good ideas.

These companies reach a more diverse audience than your local nursery, so they can and do offer plants and varieties not available locally. It's satisfying to have plants that your neighbor has never seen or heard of before.

Gardening books and gardening catalogs are easily available to  the South of Flagstaff gardener in local stores and on the internet. 

There are more gardening books out there. If you live below the rim, your gardening information needs are completely different. Try a Google search using the search phrase sedona gardening book.



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