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Gardening zones give you information vital to the survival of new plants. The USDA gardening zones maps shown below can help you select plants suitable for your climate.

The gardening zones information provided by plant nurseries and others help you determine which plants will thrive in your climate.

Several variations of the gardening zones concept have been developed to meet differing needs... although most people use the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) zones.


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The USDA zones are based on average annual minimum temperature ranges. These zone ratings indicate how well a plant should survive our winters.

The South of Flagstaff region is in Zone 5 of the USDA gardening zone system.

The USDA information is published as a map officially named the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, it is the most commonly used guide nationally. The map is supported by additional data and text.

When shopping for plants on-line, this is the hardiness zone information offered.

Here's a look at their map, and by the way... the USDA offers more than info on gardening zones... do you know the Arizona state flower or state tree?

gardening zones

Other gardening guides are out there. A Google search using a keyword phrase such as gardening guide or gardening + heat zone should lead you to several additional resources. Be sure to notice the relevant ads down the right side... those are resources also.


The American Horticultural Society has published a reference guide, which lists heat zones. It's fairly new and not yet well known.

Sunset Publishing offers a guide in their Western Garden Book that is more widely used in the Western States. This guide takes into account more climate factors than just how cold it gets in a zone. We are in Sunset's Climate Zone 1... the zone with the harshest conditions, naturally.gardening zones

Gardening zone guides are useful tools for the South of Flagstaff gardener.

Here's a closer look at Arizona's hardiness zones. As you can easily observe, Arizona has a great diversity of zones. The South of Flagstaff region and a few other locations in the state are USDA Zone 5. From there the altitudes decrease, and the zone numbers increase.




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gardening zones

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