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Gifts are what happens when you get lucky. No, not getting gifts... giving gifts.

When we have people to receive gifts from us, our lives are enriched by family and friends. So maybe this means that those of us with lots of people in our lives to give gifts to are richer... up to a point.

A life without family and friends can't be much fun, especially at Christmas and other holidays.

If you're like me, you try to find unique gifts, not necessarily unusual, but something the person wouldn�t buy for him or her self. Maybe a luxury item, maybe not, but something unique.


Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

The internet offers us thousands of gifts that just aren't available otherwise. There are probably more gift merchants on the internet than flags at the UN. 

You'll be able to find many unique gifts on-line. Internet merchants reach a huge audience, and can therefore successfully sell niche products.

Finding a good variety of unique gifts in local  Flagstaff-area stores can be difficult... if not impossible. However thegifts internet opens a whole new world to gift shoppers in smaller towns and rural communities everywhere.

I like gift shopping in internet stores such as Amazon giftsColonial Flags, and probably any store that chooses to advertise on this page!
Amazon offers features intended to make your shopping easier. Features like a gift guide (finding gift ideas) and a gift organizer (tracks past gifts and future gift ideas).

Another feature lets people create a wish list that you'll be able to look at and see what that person really wants. Of course all of these features are intended to keep you buying from Amazon, but it's a good place to do business.

Colonial Flag offers a wide variety of flags and related products.

I have no say as to who advertises on this page. If they're advertising for your business here, they must be good guys! I can ban specific advertisers from appearing here, but have never had to exercise that authority.

Gifts are fun to choose and give, and buying gifts on-line is smart and convenient.


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