Grand Canyon For Lunch


Grand Canyon For Lunch


Grand Canyon for lunch? Sure! Let's run up there.

Grand Canyon for lunch is an easy and pleasant drive from Flagstaff. When you get there you'll be reminded that people come to Arizona and the canyon from all over the world.  And for us its just up the road.

Recently my wife and I made the trip again. We drove up by way of Highway 180. We skirted the San Francisco peaks and enjoyed the colors of the oaks and aspens changing into fall hues. Three minutes up one of the little side roads may lead you to the scene pictured below.

Grand Canyon For Lunch

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Going to the Grand Canyon for lunch is always an invigorating experience, and I come away with a renewed appreciation for this natural treasure in our backyard. 

While mingling and talking with other Grand Canyon visitors, I find that almost all of them are visiting from other countries... or at least other states. Some stay several days in the hotels and inns and tour the park and canyon by mule, bicycle, helicopter, and on foot. 

The canyon and its many moods and seasons are worthy of many photos, but I think we take as many photos of the visitors enjoying the canyon views as we take of the canyon itself.

Many of the other visitors that we talk with request that we use their camera to make photos of them posing with the canyon in the background. I suppose it's certainly proof they were there.

Grand Canyon for lunch is what we call it, but strolling the walkways along the rim and enjoying the views and visitors also make for a pleasant day.

We usually visit the Bright Angel to actually have lunch. There are other pleasant places in Grand Canyon Village to eat, but we enjoy the old hotels, both the El Tovar (pictured below) and Bright Angel.

El Tovar Hotel - Grand Canyon

We've also been known to extend our visit overnight. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a vacancy if you don't have reservations.

A Google search using the keyword phrase grand canyon will show you many information resources concerning the canyon. Be sure to notice the relevant ads down the right side... those are resources also.



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