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Shopping for house plans seems like a perfect application for the internet.

Custom designs are very expensive. Good stock designs from a local designer are sure to be built by others in your area.

But a design from an architect offering them on the internet can be sold a hundred times and the closest one to you may be built hundreds of miles away.

Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

When the designer can sell a plan multiple times, the design cost is spread over the several copies sold. You're only paying a portion of what it cost to create that plan.

When you shop for designs online, you get the best deal of all:

  • Hundred to choose from
  • Proven, builder tested designs
  • Volume pricing

Here's my favorite house plans site. Be sure to check out their Northwest category of house plans. Out here South of Flagstaff we call many of these styles "mountain homes."

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