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Internet and website tools make it possible to safely use email and the web... and even run a business from your computer.

As an internet user, you know that your computer must be protected from viruses and other destructive files and attacks that can take over your machine and spy on you or even destroy your valuable data.

Without internet and website tools, the simple acts of receiving email, visiting certain websites, or downloading images and information can be dangerous to your computer's health.

Its a sad fact that destructive viruses and worms are out there. Often produced and let loose on internet users by computer-geek vandals, these things are dangerous to your data and expensive to cure.

Internet and website tools by McAfee, or Symantec (Norton), or others have become a necessity. If you're on the net you really need virus protection and a firewall. Without it, you'll be a virus victim sooner or later.

Some internet and website tools help you effectively build and manage a website. Others help protect your computer from those vandals.

When my wife and I put up her site (wholesale gems and a some jewelry basics) some years ago, we didn't have any internet and website tools.

We paid a programmer to do the techie part. After that we spent months working to get listed by the search engines.


Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

No listings, or poor placement by the search engines equals no traffic (visitors)... and that means no sales.

So we paid for banner ads that didn't work and a $600 web marketing/submission service that helped a tiny bit.

Then someone recommended WebPosition Gold. We bought it and began using it in 1999... and we're still using it every day for the site.

This software helps you tweak your web pages to get very good positions in search engine rankings.

Then it submits your pages to the top search engines. It also knows and follows the submission rules of each search engine so they don't punish your website for breaking their rules.

When people search Google, MSN, Yahoo, and other search engines and a listing for your site tops the results you get visitors to your site.

The WebPosition people recently introduced another product that works well. Link Defender helps you keep all of the links on your web pages working. No broken links to irritate your visitors!

I used it on this site before I started running Google ads, so I know it works well. When we get a little time, we'll use it on the site.

The  WebPosition products are so good that some people make a living using them. They offer search engine optimization and link management service to other website owners. 

FrontPage is a package of internet and website tools you use to build a website without learning to program in the HTML language. It's like using a word processor. It saves a lot of time and effort.

Find the best price on software by using a keyword search such as frontpage best price... and notice the ads down the right side of the search results page.


Now, back to my story. After we used WebPosition Gold to get good traffic, we were disappointed in sales.

We had a strange problem... the gem prices were too low! We had to convince people that the gems were real and good quality. Jewelers were about the only ones buying.internet and website tools

So we looked at many internet marketing tools, and found Make Your Site Sell, The book on writing page content that sells, and so much more. It did the trick.

Now let me tell you about Site Build It, (SBI! for short). This is a complete internet business-building blueprint... plus the tools to do it all correctly and efficiently. This thing is fantastic!

With this tool all you need to bring is a computer, the ability to follow simple instructions, and desire.

You're looking at an SBI! site now. SBI! works very, very well.

Internet and website tools let you build and control your website whether your site is your business, or promotes your off-line business.  

Also, here's a link to a FREE website services magazine Internet Business Magazine


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