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Here is a live picture of the San Francisco Peaks, located on the northflagstaff local news side of Flagstaff.

Many of us living South of Flagstaff can just look north and see the peaks... and we often do, because summer storms  form over the peaks and roll down our way.

For others, trees or hills block the view of the peaks themselves but I'm guessing they still monitor the skies above the peaks.

For those not yet familiar with the Flagstaff area, the San Francisco Peaks tower above Flagstaff and the surrounding area to a height of more than 12,000 feet, and are visible from many places in Northern Arizona.

(Picture courtesy of the Forest Service's Rocky Mountain Research Station.)

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Local News Feeds


Presented below for your convenience are links to several national, regional, and local news providers:

Arizona Daily Sun
Sedona Red Rock News

Verde Valley News
Grand Canyon News
Arizona Republic
Coconino County
Coconino National Forest

Arizona Capitol Times
The Hill


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Out here South of Flagstaff, local news about our own back yards is often difficult to get. County, state, and federal agencies are continually:

  • Studying problems and potential problems
  • Reacting to, and commenting on issues
  • Soliciting input from residents
  • Making decisions
  • Hosting open house events to explain decisions

and otherwise creating news that we need to know.

 For instance, news about...flagstaff news

  • County government

  • Cleanup days

  • Forest thinning

  • Prescribed burns

  • Paving projects

Local news occasionally includes coverage of local entertainment events and visits to interesting nearby locations.

You can read more by following the links at the bottom of this page.

News about forest health, improvement projects, fire danger, law enforcement, and other issues will be covered in these pages.

Get your South of Flagstaff news here!


News Releases   Press Releases issued by regional governmental agencies, and even businesses are published here. 

Aspen Groves   The Forest Service has built fences around a number of aspen groves to protect aspen seedlings from being eaten by elk. Adopt A Fence and help out.

South of Flagstaff Area News   Coverage of small happenings South of Flagstaff.

Flagstaff Prescribed Burns Page   Descriptions of planned prescribed burns... when weather conditions permit.

The Renzi Report   Representative Renzi's newsletter to us, his constituents.

Kachina Village Paving Project   This long and painful story is just about over.

Mountainaire Local News   Things going on around Mountainaire.

The Bark Beetle Wars   They're killing our trees. Fight back!

Coconino County Comprehensive Plan   Do you know the master plan?

Clean-up Day In Kachina Village, Mountainaire, Mormon Lake, Pinewood   When is our next free day at the dump scheduled?

Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction Trip   Have you attended this world class event in Scottsdale?

Flagstaff Arboretum is definitely worth the visit.

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