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make your own web site


Make your own web site?

Sure! People do it all the time, and you can too!

To make your own web site is not all that difficult mechanically.

But why build just a web site when you can make a successful web business? By successful, I mean... profitable.

To make your own web site that is profitable is the focus of this page.

There are thousands of ways to make money with a website. Selling used books, CD's, DVD's, and even old record albums is a money maker for lots of people. I know of a guy that buys and sells antique fishing lures. He quit his day job.

Some sell information, others sell software they have created. These products you can sell over and over again at a low price because the development cost can be spread over many sales.

To .make your own web site and sell a service is another viable way to go. If you are already selling a service without the benefit of a website, a site is a very logical and beneficial next step.

Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

I know a lady who stages tea parties for young girls. She gets many of her clients from her internet site.

Want your own internet business? I use and recommend the Site Build It! (SBI!) method. Their tools make managing this site much easier than my wife's site (created before SBI! was invented).

Some people build hobby sites rather than business sites, and I suppose the number of visitors to those sites is of secondary importance. But if you want a web site that generates income for you, you need visitors

The best tools and guidance to get you there comes from Dr. Ken Evoy's logical mind. You can use the SBI! link below to see the quick tour of his amazingly effective system. It's the best bar none!

Why do I sat that? Because the internet is continually evolving. New technologies and strategies  are happening so fast than someone running a business cannot possibly keep up without help (blogs, automated sitemaps,, and streaming video, to name a few). But keeping up is easy... if you have SBI!.

At the international SBI! headquarters in Canada, it's their job to keep up with the internet's technical and social trends for you. Then they build a tool to automate your website's use of the new technology.make your own web site

You can focus on running your business, and SBI! will hand you the new technical tools as they are needed. It's wonderful! 

How much do these newly developed tools cost you? Zero, zilch, zip, nada! The new tools become part of the SBI! package, and you pay only about $300 per year for it all. It's a screaming deal.

When I hear from new SBI!ers, I sometimes ask what impresses them most about the product. I get a variety of answers.

  • Some say the process that SBI! leads you through to choose the correct web site concept and most effective web site name. 
  • Those who have built other web sites the old fashioned way, just love the automated brainstorming tool for identifying the most effective keywords. They know how vitally important that is, and are amazed by how many weeks of work SBI! saves them.
  • Some remark about the many tools, and their ease of use.
  • Some say the dirt cheap price.

Here's the SBI! link to your own profitable web site. If you want someone to do it for you, use the Sitesell Services link.

I like using SBI! so much, I signed up as an affiliate. So if you build an SBI! site through the link below, I'll make a few dollars... and you'll make a bunch!


The web sites listed below are mostly new web sites that need incoming links to help with their search engine placement and Google page rank.

Most of these sites are SBI! web sites, and I'm happy to give them an assist. Almost all requests for links came through the Value Exchange program, another one of the great SBI! success building tools.

I try to limit the number of links shown here, so one link may eventually be replaced by a new one. Conventional wisdom holds that a page with too many outgoing links gets discounted by the search engines.

I invite you to take a look at these sites, and then build your own SBI! site. Let me know when you build your site, and I'll put your link on this page. 
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Make your own web site with SBI! and avoid the technical challenges... and get the automated tools to easily do the many little things that go into having a successful site.

I vouch for it, and Dr. Evoy guarantees it.



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