Mormon Lake Map


mormon lake map


This Mormon Lake map shows the roads and streets around this unique South of Flagstaff community.

The Mormon Lake map below shows a road (Forest Road 240) from I-17 to Mormon Lake. Forest Road 240 (Mormon Lake Road) is unpaved. It's a slow and bumpy road between Munds Park (Pinewood) and Mormon Lake. In wet weather Forest Road 240 can also get muddy.

To get there from Phoenix by paved roads stay on I-17 to the south edge of Flagstaff and exit onto Lake Mary Road.

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Turn right, and take Lake Mary Road south about twenty five miles to the south Forest Road 90 intersection. Turn right to Mormon Lake Village. If you turn at the first FR 90 intersection, you'll take the long way around the lake.

It's my understanding that Mormon Lake is the only natural lake in Arizona. As you will read on other websites, it's for sure the largest natural lake in Arizona

.The Mormon Lake community was originally established by Mormon settlers as a dairy farming region in the 1870's.

mormon lake map

It has evolved into a resort community for summer residents, hunters and fishermen, and cross-country skiers.

As the ranching and timber industries became established in the surrounding area, the community became an attractive way-station for locals and visitors alike.

The Mormon Lake map below shows a more detailed view of the roads and streets in the Mormon Lake Village community. There are other homes and cabins scattered around the area and not shown on this map.

mormon lake map

 The Mormon Lake map on Yahoo Maps offers another view..

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mormon lake map

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