Mountainaire Map


mountainaire map


This Mountainaire map shows the streets in this South of Flagstaff community.

The community is located about seven miles south of Flagstaff east of I-17. It shares a freeway exit (Exit 333) with Kachina Village.

Turn east at the freeway exit and follow the paved road to the community, which sits about a mile off the freeway.


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There are some larger land parcels along the road into the community, and a couple of commercial buildings (including an eating and drinking establishment).

The main section of this development sits on the flat above and to your left when you pass the commercial buildings.

Turn left and left again to work your way up the hill onto the flat.

If you work your way through the subdivision and out the back by the water tank, you'll find access to some other larger land parcels, both to the east and south.

mountainaire map

Follow this Mountainaire map link to Mapblast for their rendering of the area.

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mountainaire map

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