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Mountainaire Forest Restoration Project

April 1, 2004

The Mormon Lake Ranger District has initiated the process to improve forest conditions around Mountainaire.

The Mountainaire HFRA Project (Healthy Forest Restoration Act) is the Coconino National Forestís fourth major forest restoration project planned in collaboration with the Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership.

Approximately two dozen agencies, groups and stakeholders were involved in the process to lay the groundwork for the projectís design.

The project encompasses 16,569 acres in a swath around the community of Mountainaire.

The Mormon Lake Ranger District is simultaneously asking for public comment on a second project called the Mountainaire Community Trails Project. This effort is an initial approach to designate a set of recreation trails around the Mountainaire community.

Read more on the Mountainaire projects.

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Standard Street Names and Numbering


January 14, 2004

Some Coconino County subdivisions have strange house numbering schemes.

And several street names sound the same when spoken.

If you live in such an area, this means you can get a free pizza because the delivery driver can't find your house in 30 minutes.

Of course emergency personnel have the same problem.

The County Supervisors are conducting public hearings in an effort to fix the problem and prepare for implementation of an enhanced 911 emergency response system.

It is my understanding that Mountainaire and Kachina Village could see some renumbering during the spring of 2004.


Road maintenance

June 5, 2005

Utility location/relocation work is well under way.

By the beginning of July residents should see a street surface coating of asphalt and oil binder being applied to local streets.

This coating will be a great help in controlling dust.

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In Mountainaire several road maintenance improvement districts are awaiting construction.

Current status and developments can be monitored on the Coconino County website.

With a little luck, the required construction material will be available, and Mountainaire residents will enjoy cleaner, less dusty air in 2004.


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mountainaire, flagstaff arizona

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