Pinewood and Munds Park Map


pinewood and munds park map


Here is the Pinewood and Munds Park map for your information and use.

Pinewood and Munds Park are located about seventeen miles south of Flagstaff along I-17.

Pinewood is the primary development located in Munds Park. The term "park" denotes a very large meadow.

In addition to the residential area, there's a business district and country club with golf course near the Interstate. On the other side of the highway is a summer mobile home park, church, and businesses.

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The village can also be accessed from the east by way of Mormon Lake Road. However, Mormon Lake Road is a Forest Service road, and like most Forest Service roads, it is a rough dirt road.

I wouldn't pull a trailer or take a nice car over this road most times of the year, especially during the rainy season or when there's snow on the ground. 

The roads within the village are paved.

This community is very popular with summer residents from the Phoenix area. It's a great place to escape the desert heat.

Are you planning to visit Pinewood - Munds Park, There's a nice, modern place to stay... the Motel in the Pines (the only motel). It's located right in the business district. Click on the name to check it out and possibly make a reservation.

Pinewood and Munds Park is convenient to travel to and from for residents of  Phoenix and surrounding desert cities. It's straight up I-17 and all easy freeway driving.

pinewood and munds park map


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pinewood and munds park map

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