Pinewood and Munds Park
Real Estate


pinewood and munds park real estate


Pinewood and Munds Park real estate
is the large subdivision South of Flagstaff.

Is it Pinewood or Munds Park? Actually its both. The Pinewood community is located in Munds Park about seventeen miles south of Flagstaff along I-17.

In this part of the country a "park" is a large natural meadow.


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The Pinewood and Munds Park community is a larger, rural residential development surrounded by national forest land. 

It's very peaceful in this pleasant, pine studded community. Conveniences include: 

  • Country club with golf and dining
  • Water system
  • Sewer system
  • APS electric
  • Propane gas delivery
  • Qwest telephone
  • Cable TV
  • Paved streets
  • Post office
  • Business district
  • Pinewood News local newspaper

If you would like to visit Pinewood - Munds Park, there's the nice, modern Motel in the Pines (the only place) located right in the business district. Click on the name to check it out and possibly make a reservation.

Follow this Pinewood and Munds Park real estate link to an area map.

The development is primarily summer resident properties, plus a little commercial property.

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pinewood and munds park real estate

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