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Precaution travel is the term a significant number of people use to search for websites related to the travel precautions issue. I'm using it here so this page will be found by those folks.

Precaution travel sounds backwards but a number of people apparently search the web using those keywords... in that order.

If you're traveling to the South of Flagstaff Arizona area by highway, there are some minor precautions you should heed.

A good precaution travel step is to use this link to check out Arizona road conditions before you start a trip. Good interstate highways serve the area, but you may find construction or weather advisories.

Crime is not a significant issue in the area. In fact,most precautions are weather related.


Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

Flagstaff and the surrounding area can be thought of as a "sky island." It's a few hundred square miles of forested mountains and high plateau surrounded by desert.

In summer the deserts are hot, and in winter these mountains receive their share of snow and ice.

When traveling by highway it's always a good idea to have a Good Sam Club or AAA membership in case of mechanical problems.route 66 in flagstaff

 If you're coming from California the best way is east on Interstate 40. You will travel through desert terrain in both California and Western Arizona. I-40 is the interstate version of the most famous highway in the world... Route 66.

I-40 does not replace or even parallel Route 66 in Flagstaff. If you want to experience Route 66, you must go into town.

There you will find interesting sights and events. On some summer mornings you can stand on Route 66 and view a car show that fills many of the side streets.

precaution travel

Coming from points east by way of New Mexico, you’ll be traveling west on I-40. You'll travel through some high desert country, and along the southern boundary of the Navajo Nation.

It's a little harder to get here from the north. You'll travel south from Utah, or southwest from Four Corners, through the Navajo Nation. Either way it's desert.

Coming from Phoenix and points South, you're already in the desert, headed north to the cool country!

Precaution travel... through the desert, vehicle tires belts and hoses need to be in good repair. It's also a good idea to carry several gallons of extra water.

Precaution travel through the mountains... occasionally during the winters snow chains may be needed in the South of Flagstaff area. In the spring, winds can sometimes be a hazard to high profile vehicles.

So there you have my advice on precaution travel to... and through, the South of Flagstaff area. Come on over.

Learn more about the "Mother Road" by searching Google using the words flagstaff + route 66.  



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precaution travel

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