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This section has been created for future development by the next owner/editor of this website. That will be someone with more time and energy,,, someone willing to organize and manage a small ad sales crew.

Selling ads to local businesses and building trades craftsmen will increase the site's revenues several fold, and increase the site's value to both full-time and summer residents of our South of Flagstaff communities.

No, I'm not actively trying to sell this website, but the time will come. If you're interested, send me a note.

The Products and Services Directory offers local South of Flagstaff residents and businesses a convenient way to find each other.

The Products and Services Directory is made up of three web pages:

Where do you look when you need a house painter, plumber, electrician or local business?

Finding a local craftsman can be very challenging in our communities because of the few advertising vehicles available.

The current methods are word of mouth and the phone book. The purpose of this directory is to offer a better way for those wanting products and services to find local crafts people

Full time residents tend to use word of mouth referrals... as in "Hey neighbor, I need some work done.  Who do you know that does (rain gutters, painting, etc)."

This method gives you a choice of one. Schedule, price, quality of work, and other issues suffer without choices.

Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

Summer residents seem to use the phone book. Companies with expensive ads in the phone book tend to be larger, regional companies with lots of overhead expenses and higher prices. 

South of Flagstaff residents need a better way to find local providers.

And local products and services providers need a better way to let residents know they exist.

Providers living and operating South of Flagstaff need to reach area residents and businesses effectively, and at a very affordable cost.

Local residents are looking for craftsmen who don't charge extra because you don't live in Flagstaff.

Visitors are looking for lodging, restaurants, and other localflagstaff products and services businesses. Many visitors look at this site before they visit.

Local businesses need to make residents and visitors aware of their location and products.

Newspapers, TV/radio, and phone directory advertising covers much of northern Arizona, and is expensive.

This Products and Services Directory exists to provide effective, targeted local advertising at very low cost.


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