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Real estate is in demand South of Flagstaff. The available supply is dwindling... and prices continue to go up as more workers, students and retirees are attracted to the region.

For purposes of this page I'm talking about residential property - either a primary residence, or a summer home.

Real estate in the South of Flagstaff region is popular with both full - time and summer residents, and the reasons go beyond the obvious ones:flagstaff real estate

  • Living in the heart of the planet's largest ponderosa pine forest
  • The mountains, lakes and streams
  • The neighbors... elk, deer, turkey, squirrels, and other wildlife
  • The other neighbors... good hearted, friendly people

Flagstaff area residents looking for peace and quiet find it with South of Flagstaff real estate. The more rural lifestyle appeals to many of us.


Don't be fooled by that "more rural" term. Most South of Flagstaff communities have water and sewer services, fire departments, natural gas or propane service, and of course, electric, internet, cable and/or satellite TV, and phone service.

It is nearly impossible to buy a few acres in the middle of Nowhere these days and build a home. Real estate subdivision laws are the primary reason. And even if you could build your "dream home in the boonies," insurance companies just will not insure it, and that means you cannot get a mortgage.

Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

Hot climate residents of Arizona and surrounding states find cooler weather and green surroundings South of Flagstaff . Many part-time residents have summer homes here and winter homes in the desert. It's an easy two hour drive by freeway to Phoenix.

Real estate prices are significantly lower here than in California, so a number of the thousands fleeing California are moving to the South of Flagstaff area.

Although the majority of land in the area is National Forest and therefore not available for development, pockets of private real estate do exist. Most of these pockets were formerly ranches or timber properties.

Development is further restricted by the cost of providing an assured water supply to a new community.

Homes and land are available in the several existing communities South of Flagstaff. Existing homes are available in many styles, sizes, and price ranges. Building lots and multi-acre parcels are still available, but certainly not abundant.

I'm not encouraging you to move here, since our low population density is a good thing. But if you think you want a home South of Flagstaff, now is the best time to buy a little cool real estate.

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