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RV dealers sell a lot of coaches each year. They must sell more than a lot, judging by the number of RV's you see on the highways and in campgrounds.

I agree with the RV dealers and owners... it's hard to beat the freedom and convenience of a well appointed RV.

When I see them I often wonder how many thousands of dollars in depreciation were lost as soon as the new owner drove away from the sales office.

I have friends who dream of retirement. This dream includes sellingrv dealers their home, and then making a sweet deal on their New Castle On Wheels.

The dream continues with them visiting all the interesting places in North America... or even beyond. And I know people who are living this dream today.

I also know people that lived this life for a while, and then tired of it. Family and friends kept tugging them back to the old neighborhood.


Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

The folks that lived the life and tired of it offered me some valuable free advice. That advice is... rent an RV for a few weeks. If you want a longer trial, keep your house and buy a well maintained used unit from Cruise America, RV dealers with a good reputation.

Sounds like the voice of experience to me.


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