Shopping for the latest consumer products South of Flagstaff is not the problem it used to be.

As you would expect, residents South of Flagstaff give gifts and buy for ourselves and our families as often as people in cities. We also have the same requirements and expectations...

  • Price
  • Value for our money
  • Great selection
  • Convenienceshopping,flagstaff

Before internet shopping and quick delivery services were available, our choices were severely limited.

We could drive into Flagstaff and deal with limited selection, or drive two hours to Phoenix and Scottsdale for a better (but still not complete) selection.

A buying trip to Phoenix and Scottsdale is an especially bad idea right before Christmas, the busiest time of the year.


Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

Now you can do your special occasion and holiday shopping without leaving home!

You can easily find what you want on the internet and get the best prices and choices on flowers, wine, gifts, clothes, educational toys, the newest electronics, and every other conceivable product.

Low prices offered on the internet usually more than offset shipping charges.

And on-line shopping is very safe. Providing your credit card number and other information to an internet merchant is now probably safer than handing your card to a store clerk in person.

The more secure encryption methods used by modern browsers, secure socket layer servers, and other internet security technologies makes it very safe to buy on-line... and even do internet banking!

On-line shopping has to be one of the three best uses for the internet, along with research and education.

Shopping at the new big box Wal-Mart and expanded Flagstaff Mall will give us more choices, but the huge selection and low prices available on the internet means on-line shopping will keep growing. 


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