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the renzi report


The Renzi Report is a periodic newsletter that serves as a report to the people from Arizona's 1st District Congressman Rick Renzi.

South of Flagstaff residents are represented in the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman Renzi, as most rural Arizona communities seem to be. You can view a map of Arizona's congressional districts on the Arizona Representatives Page.

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As you can see, our Representative represents a large portion of Arizona's geography.

Representing us in Washington takes a lot of time, as does visiting locations and events in this far-flung First Congressional District. All this means we only see our Representative infrequently.

Rep. Renzi uses his newsletter to keep us better informed. You can get the newsletter emailed directly to you by visiting the  Congressman's official website.

You'll find phone numbers and an email link on the website to let him know what you're thinking

The Renzi Report (current issue) is reproduced on this website with permission from the congressman's office. Here's the link to... The Renzi Report  

Prior issues of The Renzi Report are available on the Congressman's website.



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the renzi report

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