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Flagstaff vegetable gardening is usually done down around Sedona. The weather is warmer, and that extends the growing season.

For Flagstaff vegetable gardening, the growing season in the high altitude areas just South of Flagstaff are too short to grow most vegetables without protection. We'll talk about hot houses and cold frames later in this discussion.

But first we need to think of gardening space because... the plot isn't always square. You can use traditional garden plots, strips, beds, and even pots.

Why are Flagstaff vegetable gardening plots traditionally square or rectangular, just as they are in other localities? There's no requirement that your garden be this shape.

I've had round vegetable gardens, triangular ones, long strips bordering the house or driveway, and other shaped gardens. You can tuck a few vegetables into this and that corner.

The idea is to have enough garden area to grow some of what you eat. Not many of us have the space to do it in one plot.

So do it in in a greenhouse and several plots, strips, and beds.


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What to plant?
Now here's a question with a simple answer. Grow what you like to eat... and what'll grow well South of Flagstaff.

I like salsa makings myself.

  • Tomatoes
  • Cilantro
  • Sweet onions
  • Chilis

In addition, some other vegetable garden favorites deserve some space...

  • Cornvegetable gardening
  • Green beans
  • Green onions
  • Cucumbers
  • Lettuce

The list could go on and on, but the space available and growing season for vegetable gardening is often limited.

Buy plants or start from seed?
Our short growing season around Flagstaff often dictates the varieties of vegetables we use. Planting varieties that bear quicker, plus some that bear a little slower extend the fresh veggie season for us.

The Flagstaff vegetable gardening season can be extended by starting seeds or plants indoors. Another strategy that extends the garden bounty is to stagger planting times... a few plants this week, several more in a couple of weeks.

Finding the plants and seeds early
The local suppliers do not have the vegetable plants and seeds you need to get started early. I've found two answers for that problem. The first one is the internet. You can use the Google search box below and enter a keyword phrase such as vegetable seeds or herb seeds to find ads for on-line suppliers.

The other answer? Drive down to Sedona or Cottonwood to buy plants and seeds when their growing season starts.

All of these strategies can help keep your garden producing. You just need to be sure you have enough plants in together to facilitate pollination.



Greenhouses and suchvegetable gardening

Greenhouses, cold frames, and similar devices can be purchased as kits or home built from scratch. Books and other information is available on-line, naturally.

Use the Google search box above and enter a keyword phrase such as gardening greenhouse kit or gardening cold frame kit to see many ads and other resources on the subject.

Rotation by family
One of the big advantages of vegetable gardening in smaller plots is it facilitates crop rotation.

If you grow tomatoes and peppers (same family) in a strip beside the house, you should grow them in another location next year, say in a strip beside the driveway. You can grow squash or another crop family where you had the tomatoes and peppers last time.

Crop rotation should be done by plant family , not just by plant.

Preparation and amendments
Prepare the bed ahead of time. It's a good idea to continually build up the soil. At the end of the season you could add manure and turn it under. Itíll have several months to break down and add nutrients to your soil.

Fertilize as needed during the growing season. The proper amount of food, water, and light are the fuels powering your garden.

Sun and shade
Some plants demand full sun and thrive with the hot sun beating down. Other plants need filtered sunlight or partial shade. You must give them what they want. A portable frame and shade screen work well for sun tender plants.

Eating and canning
Probably the main attraction of raising your own vegetables is that home grown, garden fresh taste. No store or even a farmer's market can beat it!

If you have the growing space and ambition you can raise vegetables and can them. Many like the home processed, healthy, no chemicals added, good taste and cost savings. Of course those cost savings come after the first year, when you buy the jars and other canning supplies.

Flagstaff vegetable gardening suppliers include Home Depot and Wal-Mart. On-line suppliers have better selections of seeds, plants, books, and many other vegetable gardening products. You can find suppliers by using the Google search box below and a keyword phrase like gardening supplies or vegetable seeds, or herb seeds.

You can also grow herbs indoors and out, and they're very useful

Additional herb information is available to you. Try running a Google search using the keyword phrase medicinal herbs.


The Herb Companion is a good herb magazine.

Flagstaff vegetable gardening can be done successfully, by you and your neighbors!


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vegetable gardening

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