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web site performance measurement


Web site performance measurement will put money in your pocket.

We all know that more pages (each targeting well chosen key word phrases), high ranking pages, and incoming links bring more visitors, but how many of us set goals for these important items... and work to meet those targets?

Operating a web site takes a lot of time. There are always things that need doing... and we need to be doing the things that will pay off sooner and bigger. Web site performance measurements help you get the payoff.

Web site performance measurements don't replace your web site statistics, they build on them.

This page is written for all those lucky (smart?) people who build and operate SBI! sites. SBI! gives us great tools... all the tools we need to build and operate successful on-line businesses. Web site goal setting and performance measurement helps us use some of the SBI! tools better.

( Other web site operators can use this information to great advantage... it just takes more work and expense.)

What goals have you established for those critical items required to make your web site a money maker?

NOTE: If you haven't established goals, you should... today! It's very important to your on-line success.

How well is your web site performing against your goals?

  • How many pages of quality content does your web site have?
  • How much traffic does your web site receive?
  • How many of your pages have a top 10 ranking on the major search engines?
  • How many quality inbound links does your web site have?
  • How much money does your web site generate?
  • How much money does your web site really cost you?

Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

To determine your site's number of pages, log in to SBI! Site Central and look in the Search Engine Headquarters section. Each of your site's pages is listed here (along with a lot of amazing, automatic search engine stats). All you have to do is count the pages.

Visits, visitors, and other traffic stats are shown in the Traffic Statistics section of Site Central.

Page rankings are also shown in the Search Engine Headquarters section. All your pages' rankings are shown here for the seven major search engines. How many do you have with a top ten ranking? Increase your top tens and you'll increase your traffic. 

Quality inbound links can be determined by using the fantastic Search It! tool. Do a Back Links search. (Isn't the number and power of these pre-packaged searches just amazing!)

How much money does your site bring in? Ken doesn't keep track of this for you... he just helps you make more. I'm sure that you're tracking it, and keeping good records for the tax man. 

What are your costs? Since SBI! is the complete package, your costs are much lower than non-SBI! sites. But you do have other expenses like pay-per-click search engines, computer equipment, office supplies, home-office, and vehicle expenses. I'm sure that you're recording your expenses, but are you continually aware of the monthly and year-to-date totals?

So, you have access to all the data you need for Web site performance measurement of the critical items listed above. 

Have I convinced you that "setting goals and tracking your progress toward reaching... and then exceeding your goals" can help you be more successful, sooner?

The easy way to track progress towards your goals is to build a few  performance indicators (data tables and charts) using a spreadsheet application, such as Excel.

Here's an example of a performance indicator that shows progress in building a large number of web site pages.

web site performance measurement

web site performance measurement

Notice that the indicator's chart shows the goal and actual progress towards achieving the goal in a (graphic) form that communicates instantly. The trend really jumps out at you.

This kind of Web site performance measurement tool keeps you motivated... and working to exceed your goals.

What... you'd like to do it but you don't have time to build the tables and charts? I'll make you a deal!

I'll e-mail an Excel file to you containing the six data tables and six charts listed above, in exchange for a link to this site. Just send me an e-mail requesting the file and giving me the link to your site's page containing the link to http://www.south-of-flagstaff-arizona.com/.

The page where you place my link must have less than six outbound links, and my link must remain on your site for at least one year.

Build your own Web site performance measurement tool or use mine... either way this is a tool that you can use to improve your site.

For those who aren't using SBI!, here's an eBook that offers a different type of web site performance measurement that works wonders... writing to PREsell.

A Google search using the keyword phrase measuring web site business performance will lead you to some resources. Be sure to notice the relevant ads down the right side... those are resources also. Concentrate on the ones focused on business performance, rather than web site technical performance.


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