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Buy wholesale jewelry and gems and sell to your friends, co-workers (and a lot of other people) at low prices. It's a good way to make money.

Selling jewelry to your friends, family, co-workers, and their friends is easy. You don't really have to work at selling, just mention that you're a jewelry dealer.

Have a few jewelry pieces with you when that conversation occurs, and you soon have a sale!

The keys to success in this little business are:

  • Let everyone know you're a wholesale jewelry dealer
  • Sell at low prices - give your customers great deals - don't get greedy
  • Let each customer know it's a great dealwholesale jewelry
  • Keep several jewelry pieces in stock at all times
  • Use the internet to learn about each gem you have in stock
  • Carry a few jewelry pieces with you to show and sell all year
  • Have more jewelry in stock for the holidays, starting in mid-November
  • Grow your business by giving home jewelry parties

This is a fun work from home business. And I know it works because my wife is a jewelry manufacturer selling wholesale jewelry to small dealers.


Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

Here's how she does it...

She hosts websites for a few gem miners in other countries and gets paid in high quality rough gems. She then sends the rough to Asia for faceting. The result is good colored gems at low cost.

She's also a direct importer of cut and rough colored gems from Asia, Africa, and South America.

She buys high quality American-made gold mountings in volume to get good prices.

She has the gems and gold components assembled into rings, pendants, and earrings by Arizona goldsmiths at contract prices.

She sells at low prices, primarily through the internet to keep expenses low.

Each step of the process is designed to ensure quality and cost control.

She sells only natural gems, such as:wholesale gems - blue spinel

  • Sapphire from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), and Tanzania
  • Ruby from Tanzania
  • Emerald from Columbia, Brazil, and Africa
  • Spinel from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan
  • Morganite from Madagascar
  • Spessartite garnet from Nigeria
  • Topaz from Namibia
  • Amethyst from Arizona, Zambia, and Tanzania

(The gem pictured above is a spinel, first cousin to sapphire, and my favorite gem.)wholesale gems - anthill garnet jewelry

wholesale gems - four peaks amethystWholesale jewelry featuring Arizona gemstones have a special appeal to many. Arizona produces some world-class gems, including Four Peaks Amethyst, San Carlos Peridot, and Anthill Garnet. She has them!wholesale gems -arizona peridot

As you can see, I'm talking about faceted gems suitable for fine jewelry. When Arizona gemstones are mentioned, most people seem to think of turquoise and other "pretty rocks."

You can use the Google search box below and the keyword arizona gemstones to view ads and other links to sellers of these gems. The gems arent rare, but the sellers are.

She also has a jewelry dealer program designed for the work from home jewelry dealer.

A Google search using the search phrase jewelry dealer program returns a number of ads and links... but few of them are actual wholesale jewelry and gemstone programs.


She gives her new dealers a huge jump-start in the jewelry business. On her secure website she offers her dealers 20 years of accumulated information, contacts, and industry resources... including other wholesale jewelry vendors.

She teaches her dealers how to buy loose gems and how to use them to create high quality finished jewelry. She gives sources and advice on using goldsmiths, wax carvers, casters, pearl stringers, and other tradespeople to do the work... while you concentrate on showing and selling the jewelry.

Her jewelry dealers around the US find great interest in Arizona and other US origin gems among their customers.

To learn more, go to her wholesale jewelry page. Being a jewelry dealer is profitable, fun, educational, and interesting.

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wholesale jewelry

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