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Would you like to create web site that makes money?

(Yes, I know it should read create a website. I'll explain why I used "create web site" below.)

Where was I? Oh yes, making money with a website like this one.

"How much money?" was the first question I asked, and the answer I got back was... it depends. I'll give you a better answer.

According to my calculations, $36,000 or more per year in the second and following years after you create web site.

Now, I'm not able to calculate what someone else's site will make, but I suspect most people can do between two thousand and five thousand per month after they get their site built. And some will do much better.


Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

My calculations are based on me working on the site an average of two hours per day. If you want income faster, you could spend more hours per day getting your site built.

There are many ways to produce income through your web site. Promoting and selling a product that you already have is a popular way. You don't even have to make the product, you can source it through a drop shipper.

Promoting and selling someone else's products is another common way to profit from your own web site. For instance, if you were to buy Site Build It to start your own web site, I would get a few dollars because I'm an affiliate of Dr. Evoy. Since this product is by far the best way to go, I have no concern about recommending it.

Selling ads on your site is a good way, but you must have lots of visitors to your site before you can sell ads.

Running Google ads (like the ones on this page) on your site can also increase your revenues. I'll tell you more about the various "monetization models" below.

Very little "office" space is required to create web site and operate your  business. Space for your computer and printer setup, a file box or drawer, and a few supplies are about all.

What's the simplest way to make money on the internet? By developing a site that attracts visitors.

The statement above is the key to making money with your own website, so let me emphasize it... traffic - visitors -people visiting your site is what makes a website profitable.

And a site attracts visitors by serving a useful purpose! That purpose is providing information that your visitor is searching for. It's commonly referred to as content.

While serving that useful purpose you also create a bunch of keyword-focused content pages. That simply means pages related to the site's theme, and written around the words and phrases people search for.

This page is a good example... the keyword phrase I'm focusing this page on is... create web site.

(I'm usually creative enough to work the keyword into the page's content smoothly - but I want the keyword of this page to stand out. This "create web site" keyword jars you. Notice how often it appears. You'll find "create web site" in the page name, headline, text, image name and alt tags, and a text link.)

Why am I focusing on this keyword? Because my very powerful keyword research tool went out on the web and searched the keyword combinations related to building a website, and found the specific combination "create web site" to have the best chance of bringing visitors to this page!

The tool tells me that the number of people performing searches using this keyword phrase, compared to the number of pages out there focused on the phrase, gives me the best chance of attracting visitors. Its called getting found.

Visitors are the lifeblood of any website. Create web site without traffic, and you've created the tree that falls without anyone hearing. And that's what most websites are.

Now that you know about content and traffic, lets talk more about monetization, or how to make money from your web site.

Some high-traffic sites such as search engines and directories are service sites. They help you find the information you want. They attract visitors with their service and sell advertising to be viewed by those visitors. Service sites require a lot of time, money, and employees to start up.

Some sites offer information (valuable content) to attract visitors. Many of these sites also sell advertising, and some may recommend vendors that have provided them with good products, prices, and services in the past. These are called affiliate sites.

Many companies use affiliate programs to solve the traffic problem by paying other sites to send them visitors. Some pay for visits and some only pay when a visitor buys a product. The site sending the visitor is affiliated with the company receiving the visitor.

Affiliate sites usually have a common profile... they offer good content. It may be valuable information, interesting information, entertaining content, or any number of categories, but it's purpose is to serve a need and attract visitors.

These sites are often built and operated by one person much like you. (Some people operate multiple sites... and multiply their income.)

The reason I just walked you through this explanation is to tell you that you don't need to sell a product to have a profitable website!

What you do need is pages and pages of good content on a niche subject you know, like salsa or juggling. These are just two examples of actual moneymaking sites.

What is your special interest? I know a guy who makes a living with a site on collectible fishing lures.

With good content you attract valuable traffic, and others will pay you for that traffic.

So, my message is... if you would like to get in on the internet boom as your work from home business, it's very do-able these days!

It's not easy... but it is simple. You will need:

  • A computer and internet connection - You have that and you're using it now? Great!
  • Knowledge about a subject or interest - Everyone has these, what are your top three?
  • 10 or more hours per week - You do have to work at it.
  • An inexpensive ($300) tool called SBI! - It's the way to successfully create web site.

Most websites lose money because they don't have traffic. It's a fact, but it doesn't have to be your fate. Now there's a tool that guarantees success... yes, I said guarantees.

If you've been using a computer for a while, you should remember when software was a bad joke!

None of the programs would work together. The word processor wasn't compatible with the spread sheet program, and the presentation/graphics software just didn't work.

That's the way website-building tools have been ... until now. The SBI! product I told you about puts all the tools together, and those tools do the heavy work for you. (Did I mention it's also dirt cheap?)

From what to name your site, to wiping out the need to know the technical stuff, to finding the best keywords (better than "create web site"?), to hosting your site, to tracking search engine rankings, and much, much more, SBI! does it.

Most sites with high traffic are SBI! sites. I'll bet you didn't know that, but it's true.

Here's the proof. You can create web site using SBI! and work from home two hours per day!

If you have ANY interest in making money from a website you should check out the link above. SBI! really is light years ahead of any other product. Go ahead, I'll wait here until you get back...

Welcome back! Now you probably have more questions, and maybe even doubts.

Use this link to get answers.

I'm serious when I encourage you to go with SBI!. This system didn't exist when we started our first site. I know from experience that the old methods take much more time, effort, and money.

So much more that most people aren't willing to do what's required to make a success of their site. Using SBI! with its automated processes makes it so much easier.

I started writing this page as a way to recommend a website business as your home business. Now that I've written the page, it sounds more like a commercial for SBI!.

So let's just say I highly recommend building a website business... but only with SBI!.

May, 2005 - SBI! recently built a work from home guide that thoroughly discusses the issues involved. 

Don't leave yet. My very powerful page analysis tool tells me to put in one more create web site phrase. O.K., we're done.


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