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Work From Home


work from home




Work from home or work at home... either way you want to say it, thousands of people are doing it... including many living South of Flagstaff. Thousands more want to work from home.

Work from home people aren't really a special breed. People of many backgrounds, philosophies, and attitudes make a comfortable living this way.

Working from home has a simple success formula
(D + E x K = $). Yes, it's the universal success formula... Discipline plus Effort multiplied by Knowledge equals $uccess.

Work from home is a concept that has strong appeal to many people. The most often cited reasons include:work from home

  • Creative independence

  • Freedom

  • Convenience

  • Flexible hours

  • Balancing family obligations

  • Controlling expenses

The ability to earn income without committing to an office or store schedule holds a strong appeal for many people.


Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

For some small businesses it's all about avoiding unnecessary expenses such as rent, utilities, and public liability insurance.

Walking to your workplace in thirty seconds is another great reason. Convenience and family obligations are strong arguements.

Whatever reasons appeal to you are the best reasons.

Work from home businesses are often self-employed trades-people or professionals with an office in their residence. They go to the client's location to do the job. Carpet cleaners, carpenters, painters, and financial consultants are among the people I know in this group.

Home businesses are also popular as a second income source in households where health insurance and other employee benefits are provided through another person in the household.

Those with work from home jobs are often employees of a larger company who travel to customer locations. Window treatment sales and computer training people are the ones I know, but there must be many other companies with outside employees.

Work at home businesses are similar... but with one big difference. These folks have an office, shop, or studio in the home and produce their product there. Artists, landlords, webmasters, and accountants are among the many, many people I deal with who do this.

Although small differences exist, most people use the terms interchangeably.

Magazines such as Home Business and Entrepreneur are good resources for those who want to pursue this popular, practical way of making a living. You can find these magazines and others using the search box below and the search phrase work from home magazines.


I have a friend who claimed he could make a living anywhere there's a phone and a FedEx delivery truck. He now makes gold components for jewelers and sells them to a supply house in New Mexico with an international customer base..

When his kids became teenagers he demonstrated his point. He packed up his shop and moved from Phoenix to a farm outside Grand Junction, Colorado. He had the flexibility to move to a more kid-friendly environment with no loss of income. In fact, he reduced his living expenses by about ten percent.

There are many legitimate opportunities available that fit within the concepts discussed here. Unfortunately, not all opportunities are legitimate.

Work From Home Schemes is a Federal Trade Commission web page with warning about some scams.

Envelope stuffing and medical billing scams are now well known, but others are being invented every month. How do you find something legitimate?

I can recommend a few good businesses that I have experienced personally. Create web site,   Wholesale jewelry, and   Real estate investing. Other people that I know sell used books, CD's and DVD's on the internet. There are thousands of other internet business ideas.


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work at home

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