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web site marketing strategies



Web site marketing strategies revolutionized! If you own and operate a website "for profit" you hear these words often... and then you're usually disappointed when you examine the details and find a rehash of old concepts.

Not this time! You can use this one effectively - and every day... even if you don't have a web site!

Web site marketing strategies that are effective - and honest, and that bring repeat customers, would be very valuable to you and me. So...

I quickly put this page together to tell you about a new book that I'm currently reading. It is fantastic! The ideas and insights are truly unique.

The book is called Make Your Content PREsell!web site marketing strategies

It was written by Dr. Ken Evoy of Make Your Site Sell! fame. This book is the only one I've ever heard of on this subject. In the words of Dr. Evoy this book shows you step by step...

1) how to write to COMMUNICATE

2) how to develop your own "voice" with flair and substance

3) how to spin your site/biz/SELF into a unique position

4) how to HONESTLY convince people to trust and like you.

No other book in the world shows you how to do this.

Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

And I'm convinced that he's right. I'm only half way through the book and I can already see the value in his concepts and instructions.

His point 3) above is also correct... the book is about business and self, not just web sites.

You can get the electronic book from the good doctor's web site. for free. He believes that you'll buy something else from him after you see how good his stuff is.

I buy his stuff. In fact this web site is built using his Site Build It!


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