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South of Flagstaff campgrounds are numerous. Some are privately operated, the County operates some, but most are operated by the Coconino National Forest.

Several of the local lakes and streams boast camping right along the shore. In addition, some lakes and streams have day use picnic facilities.

These Flagstaff campgrounds make it very convenient for visitors to use and enjoy the local fishing, hiking, and relaxing.

Another good thing about camping in the National Forest... you don't have to camp in an established campground. During most of the year dispersed camping is allowed and even encouraged.


Dispersed camping is a fancy name for finding a spot you like and just camping in the woods.

The Coconino National Forest website offers a lot of great information about their South of Flagstaff campgrounds.

  • Number of campsites
  • Busy season
  • Location... and a map
  • Attractions
  • Fees
  • Hiking trails
  • Reservations

Be sure to visit their site. Click here for Flagstaff campgrounds information... and here for Oak Creek campgrounds information.

 flagstaff campgrounds - oak creek

Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

Wherever you camp, you're sure to enjoy the cool days and nights you spend here. Sample several campgrounds and pick your own favorites.

My two favorite South of Flagstaff campgrounds are Ashurst (by the lake) and Cave Springs along Oak Creek. The campground at Ashurst is a little primitive, but it's right on the lake.

If you require a more civilized campground, it's hard to beat the Pine Grove Campground, located on Lake Mary Road across from the  Ashurst Lake road turnoff.

Coconino County Parks operates a camping facility at Ft. Tuthill that is convenient to events at the Fairgrounds.

Flagstaff campgrounds are here for you. Come and enjoy them soon.

A Google search for the keyword phrase private campgrounds + flagstaff will give you additional resources and ads.



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flagstaff campgrounds

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