Clean-up Day In Kachina Village, Mountainaire, Pinewood, Munds Park, Mormon Lake


cleanup day


Cleanup day 2006 for Mormon Lake is... Sunday, July 16th. You can view the news release here.

Traditionally, the free day for communities along I-17 has been early in early June of each year.

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Do you live in or around Kachina Village, Mountainaire, Pinewood, or Mormon Lake?

Each year Coconino County sponsors a free clean-up day in each area, usually on a Sunday in early summer.

There may be another opportunity for residents to dispose of yard trash without a charge at Ft. Tuthill. The County did this in 2003, and may do so again.

On the "free day" the County waives the normal disposal fees. Special crews are assembled to assist residents disposing of trash and non-hazardous solid waste.cleanup day

Each "free day" is held at one of the County's Solid Waste Transfer Stations located South of Flagstaff. One Sunday the Willard Springs Transfer Station will host the "free day," and then another Sunday Mormon Lake Transfer Station, or a temporary facility at Ft. Tuthill will hold the "event."

Yes, the County holds "free days" in other communities as well, but they'll have to get their own website.


Click on the box... and have Google start putting money in your bank account!

Prepare now! Rake it, bag it, stack it, pile it up, and then haul it to your transfer station and dispose of it for free on the announced day.

This program is mostly targeted towards reducing fire danger, so there are restrictions on what will be accepted. Specifics of what is not accepted are included in the County's announcements that come out a few weeks before each "free day."

We'll post the "free day" notices here as they are announced.

Lets keep Kachina Village, Mountainaire, Pinewood, and Mormon Lake and surrounding communities safe from wildfire... as well as clean and tidy!


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cleanup day

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