Sedona Arizona Weather


Sedona Arizona Weather


Sedona Arizona weather is mild and sunny... just right for sightseeing and other outdoor activities. Sedona's weather is great for shopping, dining, and sitting on the balcony at your favorite resort, listening to Oak Creek tumble along.

Sedona has amazing scenery, many great resorts, and great shopping. Sedona also has some fine restaurants and art galleries to visit while enjoying the weather.

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You've probably seen examples of Sedona's weather in movies. A number of movies are made here. The movie makers come for the climate as well as the scenery.Sedona Arizona Weather

Sedona Arizona weather is important to the local economy in many ways.

Yes, it's usually sunny in Sedona, but it isn't as hot here as it is in Phoenix and other Arizona desert cities. Sedona sits at about 4500 feet elevation, about as high as you can go and still be in the Verde Valley. That's much higher and cooler than Phoenix at about 1000 feet in elevation.

Sedona's Red Rock country is located at the mouth of cool, beautiful, Oak Creek Canyon. That also helps keep things cooler in the summer.

Sedona Arizona weather includes mild, sunny winters. Just above Oak Creek Canyon is a much higher area (approximately 7000 feet in elevation) that receives significant winter snowfall. At least we hope it gets lots of snow... that's what keeps Oak Creek flowing strong.

Sedona's weather also features a rainy season. The local forecasters call it "the monsoon." In July and August,  refreshing early afternoon thunderstorms build up South of Flagstaff.

Sedona Arizona Weather

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Some of these little thunderstorms rumble down Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona. The rain is always welcome. The rain storms move through quickly... usually in less than an hour. Then the sun comes out and everything is fresh and clean.

Spring comes to Sedona long before it arrives in most other South of Flagstaff communities. While the golf courses in the nearby high country are still blanketed with snow, local golfers travel "down the hill" to join the tourists on golf courses in the Red Rock country.

Trout fishing is similar. While the high country lakes are iced over, Oak Creek yields rainbow trout from the prior year's stocking. And the West Fork yields some wild browns. 

This area gets an occasional mid-winter snowfall, but it doesn't stay long. When the sun comes out again the snow quickly melts away.

It joins the waters of Oak Creek and flows on down into the Verde (Green) River. But these waters never reach the ocean.

The Verde River flows into the "The Valley of The Sun" east of Phoenix. Here the waters of the Verde River are captured and used by the people living in Phoenix and surrounding cities and towns.

Sedona Arizona weather adds to the beauty and enjoyability of this awe-inspiring region.

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