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Timber frame homes have always intrigued me. They have a character and charm unique in housing. South of Flagstaff Arizona would be a wonderful setting for one.

Timber framing is both ancient and very modern. The building technique is time proven, and modern wall systems have simplified design and construction.

This building style uses larger timbers to construct the home's freestanding skeleton.

The wood timbers used to construct the frame can vary with the owner's taste, including oak, cedar, pine, and cherry to name just a few.

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This skeleton is then wrapped in a well insulated, almost air tight skin. These days the skin can be made of engineered panels, The panels can include wiring and plumbing as well as very efficient insulation.

A hallmark of timber frame homes is the exposed wooden skeleton as part of the building's interior. You get to admire and enjoy the warm wood textures and character, graceful lines, and the old-time craftsmanship of the trusses and  wood joinery... mortise and tenon, dovetail, and even more exotic joints.

This joinery is what sets this construction method apart from post and beam construction, where the timbers are joined by metal straps rather than craftsmanship.

The interior is also open, light, and airy. Rooms typically have open, exposed trusses, beams, and other timbers. Since interior walls are for privacy and not for structural support, most rooms flow one into the next.

Timber frame homes last for centuries. Many of today's ancienttimber frame homes align= European homes, churches, castles, and other large building were constructed using this method.

Since a timber frame structure is self-supporting, you can add one to your existing home. A timber frame great room is beautiful and impressive.

Hybrids are popular. Timber frame homes easily and elegantly combine timber frame social rooms with conventional bedrooms and bathrooms.

Timber Homes Illustrated is a great magazine about timber frame homes. Articles on lifestyle, construction, and more make for interesting reading.

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